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Start your career as a dental assistant or gain new levels of experience with online courses at Smile From Within Academy.

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How to Land Your Dream Dental Assistant Job

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Love your work

Go to work feeling valuable and knowing you can help others be more healthy and live better lives.

Invest in yourself

Give yourself the chance to have a better career and opportunities for growth and advancement.

Create your own future

Find your dream job and more fulfilling work. Gain the right skills to unlock the life you want.

Learning That Fits Your Busy Life

You can learn at the Smile from Within Academy even if you have a busy lifestyle. All the courses and lectures can be accessed and completed on your mobile phone or any online device. The lessons are flexible and quick, so it’s easy to learn in between patient appointments or during your commute.

Level Up Your Career

Our dental assistant training program fits any level of experience: from total newcomers learning the profession to experienced professionals looking to expand into leadership roles.

The training is comprised of 5 levels of expertise and growth centered around our value system, which we call The Smile From Within Way. Completing each level earns a certificate of completion, and we also offer opportunities for in-person certification.

Your first day of work in a dental office can be overwhelming. Get comfortable with the basic dental practice setup in this orientation certification. Learn the different roles, teams, and work that make a dental office go. Connect with yourself and choose to grow as a professional. You can do this!

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Excellence in dental assisting isn’t possible without a firm understanding of the fundamentals. This training covers everything you need to know for your first 90 days of work. Consider how you work with others in your role. Learn to value your ability to create amazing outcomes and to support others in what matters to them.

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As a working dental assistant, learn new ways to increase the health of your patients, your team, and your practice. Continue to grow your knowledge to learn, implement, and evolve standardized systems that deliver consistently great outcomes.

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As your team grows, the need for leadership becomes apparent. As you step into the role of manager or leader, you need to add a whole new set of abilities to your professional skill set. You will also need to learn to shift your mindset as success is no longer just success in your role but success for others in the organization. Jump into this level to discover a healthy way to deal with adversity, and choose a growth-oriented mindset as a leader.

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This level is reserved for team members who are ready to teach, grow, and mentor. As you have come to master each level of the Smile From Within Way, you realize that continued success isn’t possible without supporting the growth of new team members. When you are ready to teach, this level is the training you need to do it well.

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All courses include:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Self-Paced Lessons
  • Online Course Access 24/7
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Mentorship & Feedback

Free Mini Course

How to Land Your Dream Dental Assistant Job

Meet The Team

Lauren Pryor

Academy Director

An experienced and certified dental assistant herself, Lauren directs our entire academy training program and mentors dental assistant students. She brings mastery of technical procedures and in-depth experience in the operatory.

Alicia Jones

Academy Instructor

Alicia began her career in the dental industry as front desk administrator and quickly grew into other coordinator and senior roles. She shares experience in how practices operate and helping students find the right employment opportunities.

David Ziebler

Academy Instructor

Helping people become their best has always been the focus of David’s work. He’s responsible for our core curriculum, focusing it around best practices in training and organizational development so that our students get better outcomes from every course.

Dr. Joshua Renken

Academy Founder and Instructor

Instructor and mentor to dentists and all other roles within the dental practice, Josh is the founder of Smile From Within Academy. His vision informs our value system and human-centered approaches to education and care.

Rob Wilbern

Academy Instructor

Rob structures our training programs, roles, and systems using his considerable experience in operations, strategic planning, and management. He ensures our curriculum is efficient and guides our dental experts in creating quality education.

Jacquelyn Sadler

Content Coordinator

Jacquelyn implements our training program, distilling the dental expertise and education strategy from the rest of our team into the final, tangible reference our students rely on. She ensures our courses run smoothly and verifies the quality of our content.